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Server Hosting in Australia, North America, Europe and SEA

When it comes to high player-count game servers with the best support in the business - look no further than Southnode. Whether it's a custom server for you and your friends, or you want that public server everyone is envious of, we've got you covered.

We've had years of experience looking after some of the most significant communities in PC Gaming, so your performance is guaranteed. We've done the research and development to ensure that you as a customer receive the highest tickrate at the lowest ping possible on your rental instance from the moment you buy it.
We've partnered with developers and modders across multiple titles to make sure that what you need, you get - no excuses, no compromises, no worries. Our commitment to excellence means we provide only the best hosting server infrastructure to our clients, no expense spared!
We love games and gamers of all varieties here at Southnode. Be that ARK: Survival Evolved hosting in Germany, CS:GO server rental in North America, licensed Squad servers in Sydney Australia or Dead Matter servers in Singapore for the SEA region. Combining breakneck internet speeds hosted in the best Datacentres in the country, the most powerful hardware you can get your hands on and a knowledgable support team ready to take your community to the next level. You won't find anything low-spec here, because just like your gaming rig, you want the best, so why should your server be any different? The answer is it shouldn't! Powerful hardware, blazing fast uplinks to the internet, DDoS protection as standard, SSD or HDD options for your server, the list goes on!
Updates, Restarts, Editing of Configs are all able to be done over the web so you can distribute the load of administration across multiple persons with varying levels of control with our complimentary control panel, so from Sydney to Singapore, and from Dallas to Germany - the power is in your hands. This is your server.
Your expectations are high, and so are ours. Accept no less than you deserve. Be Powerful, Be Visible, Go your own way with Southnode!

We expect the best - we use only the best

What Makes Us Special

Learn why we are trusted by developers and communities alike

24/7 Expert Support

We proactively monitor your services to make sure you experience is cranked to 110%. We are gamers just like you, so we know what you need

Fast & Reliable

Our Game and Virtual Nodes are Best-In-Class - providing you the best performance and peace of mind that you're getting the best

Super Easy to Use

Configure and control your instances with ease, whilst having the ability to change to another game service at any time via Cross-Grade

99.5% Uptime Guaranteed

Our Services are proven to have a reliable uptime of close to 100%, providing you the 24/7/365 service you want and your players need

Secure Servers

DDoS protection is standard across our nodes, guarding your server against malicious actors and that guy you just banned

Money-back Guarantee

If you have issues with your product within the first 24 hours, and we can't fix it, get your money back! We stand by our product

High Performance

We hand-pick our nodes from only the Best-In-Class hardware available for Games - High clock speeds and more cores always win

Low Latency Network

We make sure each of our regional nodes have the best connection to the outside world - keeping your ping low, and K/D high

Our Customers Say

Learn why we are trusted by thousands of players and clients across our region and beyond

Put simply, our group would not be where it is today if it wasn't for the amazing service and support we have received from Southnode, we could not recommend this service more.

Aussie Rum Runners
Aussie Rum Runners

Affordable, fast, smooth, reliable and responsive. What more could you ask for? Das ist gut!

Zero Hour Interactive
Zero Hour Interactive

ZSU Gaming became the place to be in Squad when coupled with high-powered hardware and support to become the most popular server in Australia and New Zealand. Amazing stuff.

ZSU Gaming
ZSU Gaming

The Philippines' Squad community has been brought together thanks to the Southnode team and their tireless work. They never fail to assist a newbie server owner like me and are extremely patient and thorough with their instructions.

Squad Philippines
Squad Philippines

Southnode is world class with great after-sale service. They're the best at what they do.

OCOKA Thai Squad Tactical
OCOKA Thai Squad Tactical

The UI is simple and next to that is Good Customer Service, and the Server itself is pretty darn good.

IDF Squad Clan
IDF Squad Clan

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Dec 23rd

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