• Sunday, September 5, 2021

Exciting news everyone!

No - this isn't a meme. Southnode has expanded into North America! Following our recent expansion into the EU-West region, we thought it was about time that we followed through with our most requested area.

We've spooled up and tested a brand new server (Sporting an Intel Core i7 10700k - fancy) in Dallas, Texas. This should service the NA Central region. After we can gauge requirements on the East and West coasts we will also be looking to expand further.

This means Southnode is now across every continent except Africa (Look out South Africa, we're coming for you next)! Making our lineup currently the following:

Sydney, Australia (AU)
Singapore, Singapore (SEA/Asia)
Frankfurt, Germany (EU-West)
Dallas, United States (NA-Central)

We're going to provide the same level of performance and support as we do for every region we support, and we look forward to our freedom-loving brethren over in the U.S of A taking full advantage of this!