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The Asia Pacific region (APAC) is one of the most intense and competitive regions for Online Services in the world. Between the South East Asia (SEA) and Australia/New Zealand (OCE) regions the landscape of APAC sets a rewarding challenge for the corporate enterprise of the Gaming and Online Services industry.

This begs the question. How do you as a company - developer, studio or otherwise - reliably provide top-tier hosting for your application or game, while not breaking the bank, whilst also not succumbing to network outages or disruptions to your core networking, all the while having to dedicate far too much time to solving edge-case issues?

Enter: Southnode

The simple answer before any of these potential issues become something of note is partnering with Southnode for the APAC region.Between our powerful hardware, blazing fast uplinks to the internet, industry know-how, DDoS protection as standard and SSD or HDD options for your services the list goes on! Coupled with combined decades of experience in the gaming industry and partnerships across I.T. and Online Services, Southnode is in the unique position to bring your enterprise to the APAC region.

By partnering with Southnode you and your team are putting yourselves at the forefront - placing your enterprise in a position to dominate the region. With a strong history of guaranteed uptime, quality service and proactive consultancy, Southnode is ready to assist in any way we can, with the know-how to back it up.

We expect the best - we use only the best

Enterprise-Grade storage and compute hardware

High-speed networking and interconnectivity

Always-On DDoS Protection

Quality Support and Knowledgebase

Direct access to clients and end-users

Web-Control for Applications

Proven Developer and Corporate Relationships

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Our Guarantees

What's the Southnode difference?

24/7 Expert Support

'By Gamers, For Gamers' is an old slogan, but it does mean something to someone - we host game servers for some of the biggest titles!

Fast & Reliable

Southnode utilises the latest and greatest in technology with our custom build dedicated servers backing up our network worldwide

Super Easy to Use

Control Panel software included for making sure that you are in control of your server and destiny!

99.5% Uptime Guaranteed

Nobody likes downtime - so we ensure that we have redundancy built into our business, because uptime is our greatest asset

DDoS Protection

Some people like to ruin the fun of others - Southnode likes to ruin their fun with top of the line DDoS protection methods!

Money-back Guarantee

Unhappy with your service? We have a money back guarantee if your service is not up to snuff, get a full refund

High Performance

High tickrate and low latency is our bread and butter - sporting the latest Intel and AMD CPU lineups to keep you on top of your game!

Worldwide Network

Headquartered in Sydney Australia, with additional PoPs in Singapore, North America, and expanding further each and every day

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