Essential Game Server Features

Instant Server Setup

Our servers are setup instantly. Jump into the action straight away with streamlined configuration options, or mod to your heart's content.

DDoS Protection

Let us focus on keeping your server safe while you play your game! All servers come with world-class DDOS protection at no extra charge.

24/7/365 Support

Our support never sleeps! No matter the date or time, our professional team is standing by to help with our Game Server hosting.

Mod Support

Our Game Servers fully support the addition of mods manually, or automated options from Steam and Spiget. The virtual world is yours to shape.

Automate Server Actions

Via the Scheduler system, automate your server like never before. Schedule updates, restarts, and much more. It's almost hands-free!

World-Class IP Transit

Our servers are hosted in TIII/IV Datacenters positioned the most efficiently to provide the highest bandwidth at the lowest latency.

Key Features

What makes Southnode stand out from the rest? What makes a "Premium Game Server" worth every penny?

Conan Exiles - Game Server - Key Features

Order your Game Server with few simple steps!

1 Choose an available Game Server

2 Configure & Order your Game Server

3 Pay via PayPal or Stripe

4 Your Game Server is Deployed in Minutes!

Hear from our Customers!

Great Hosting Company

“We’ve experienced our fair share of hosting partners and Southnode is our preferred.  Reliable and affordable service with top notch customer service.  Ten-out-of-ten, would recommend!”

Conan Exiles - Game Server - Hear from our Customers!
Broken As Designed

Simply Amazing

“ZSU Gaming became the place to be in Squad when coupled with high-powered hardware and support to become the most popular server in Australia and New Zealand. Amazing stuff.”

Conan Exiles - Game Server - Hear from our Customers!
ZSU Gaming

Very Helpful Support

“We spent a long time finding the right fit for our community and Southnode ticks all those boxes! The premium support is unmatched and they are keeping up with the current hardware, upgrading their systems as hardware is released and tailoring to customer needs!"

Conan Exiles - Game Server - Hear from our Customers!
Aussie Battler Gaming

High Quality Servers

“We have been using Southnode services for Squad hosting for a fair few months, and it's made me realize that there is a reason certain providers are 5 star triple-gold tier. Would certainly recommend them if you need expert service.”

Conan Exiles - Game Server - Hear from our Customers!

Feels smooth

"The support from Southnode is hugely appreciated and has definitely contributed to the continued growth and success of our servers."
Conan Exiles - Game Server - Hear from our Customers!
Lemons Duels

Five Star Hosting Services!

“Put simply, our group would not be where it is today if it wasn't for the amazing service and support we have received from Southnode, we could not recommend this service more.“

Conan Exiles - Game Server - Hear from our Customers!
Aussie Rum Runners

Fastest Hosting

"Affordable, fast, smooth, reliable and responsive. What more could you ask for? Das ist gut!"

Conan Exiles - Game Server - Hear from our Customers!
Zero Hour Interactive

Amazing Assistance

"The Philippines' Squad community has been brought together thanks to the Southnode team and their tireless work. They never fail to assist a newbie server owner like me and are extremely patient and thorough with their instructions."
Conan Exiles - Game Server - Hear from our Customers!
Squad Philippines


"Southnode is world class with great after-sale service. They're the best at what they do."
Conan Exiles - Game Server - Hear from our Customers!
OCOKA Thai Squad Tactical

Southnode Provides High-Performance Servers

"But what sets Southnode apart from its competitors is that it specializes and only focuses on improving the game hosting experience."

Conan Exiles - Game Server - Hear from our Customers!

Frequently asked questions

Can I add Mods to my server?

You sure can (if the game allows it)! Modding is a big part of most games, so it only makes sense that we'd allow you to use them on your service. For games that support mods, our control panel allows the download and update of mods through Steam, plugins through Spiget, and much more. Our support team is available 24/7 and is ready to assist you whenever you need it. Please note that some complete-overhaul mods may not be fully supported due to external and/or requirements, please check with us first if you're concerned!

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