So... an update for Valheim and/or ValheimPlus just released...

Awesome! So for ValheimPlus installations, there's some things you need to do to correctly get the server to update to the correct versions of the software - remember that ValheimPlus isn't officially part of the game, so the two entities are updated separately, and an update to one may break the other.

Step 1 - Figure out what updated.

Generally a Valheim game update will prompt a ValheimPlus mod update to come out soon after, as the mod relies on the game files to be up to date. Before updating a ValheimPlus install make sure you check the ValheimPlus Discord - - to see if there is a new release. If there isn't, updating your mod isn't going to help you. You will have to wait for the mod developers to patch. If there is, awesome, move on to Step 2.

If it turns out that it's just the mod that's updated (and not the base game), you can move to Step 3 instead.

Step 2 - Update the base game

Updating the base game is simple through our control panel - here's the steps.

  1. Head to our control panel - and login
  2. Click on the name of the server you're wanting to update - ie. "ValheimPlus - Linux - 2222"
  3. In the tools section for that server, hit the Update button as shown below:
  4. Press the "Stop Server" button if your server was already on - we can't update whilst the server is running:
  5. Once your server is off, press the Update button. This will start the process of updating, reconfiguring and Validating your install. Once it is complete, if you have the "Restart server after update" box checked, the server will automatically start for you.

Step 3 - Updating ValheimPlus

So we've updated the base game, now we need to update the mod. If you've confirmed via the ValheimPlus Discord/their Github that a new release has been pushed out for ValheimPlus, do the following to update the mod.

  1. Make sure you backup any configuration files and download them to your computer!! These are files such as your world saves (.db and .fwl files) within the Saves/worlds folder, your BepInEx config files (such as the DepInEx.cfg, and valheim_plus.cfg files). We want to make sure your world is safe if a plugin or the mod itself decides to go haywire upon update! (Please note that large world files need to be downloaded via FTP, not by the panel).
  2. Head back to your server's configuration page by clicking on its name in the main menu of the control panel (You can get back to the main menu by clicking the Southnode logo).
  3. From here, click the "Extras" button - this is where the ValheimPlus updater lives:
  4. In this new page, select the "Update ValheimPlus" item, and press the Launch button. This will update your version of ValheimPlus to the one that sits in our cache (Usually this is the latest version that is assured to work with our system - we update this each time a new patch for ValheimPlus comes out, though this isn't always instant).
  5. After the update is completed, go re-check all your configs are in order. If they're not, lucky you have a backup! Restore your config files, start the server back up and connect!

Note: As is the nature with ValheimPlus the updates for it come out AFTER a patch by the developers. As such an update may not always be possible immediately. Please contact our Service department if you require assistance, or wish to know if the mod is updated.



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