ValheimPlus - Post-Purchase FAQ

So you have a brand new ValheimPlus server hey? Congratulations! We have a few frequently asked questions we'll answer below:

Q: Where is the documentation for ValheimPlus?

A: Here:


Q: Where is their Discord so I can request help with the game?

A: Here: 


Q: Can Southnode help me set up a mod?

A: Due to the nature of modding, we don't generally help with the configuration, setup or implementation of mods. If the mod is causing your server not to start due to incompatibility or being broken the best course of action is to directly contact the mod team for that particular mod, and let them know there is an issue. Most modding communities on Discord are happy to help.


Q: How do I upload my world to my ValheimPlus server?

A: This is the same set of steps as the standard Valheim setup - please see the KB for this here:


Q: How do I put a mod into my ValheimPlus server?

A: Generally, mods are uploaded to the "plugins" folder located in the "BepInEx" folder within the root of your server. Some files are unable to be uploaded using our file tool (Such as some .dll files) and as such you will need to upload these via FTP - please see the KB for this here:


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