Last Oasis Dedicated Server Initial Setup

Congratulations on getting your own Last Oasis Server! We're proud to host some of the most powerful infrastructure within our fleet, so we're sure you'll be surfing the dunes in your walker in no time!

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To properly setup your server, and before it will even turn on, we will need to do a few things:

  1. Launch Last Oasis on your PC (the game itself) if you haven't yet already. This will connect your steam account to the Donkey Crew servers.

  2. Go to and choose to log in with your Steam Account. Then once you are logged in, go to Settings to create a CustomerKey, which will be used in all servers you're using on a realm, and a ProviderKey.  This ProviderKey (you can make as many of these as you want) can be utilized as many times in as many different servers as you want within the same realm. The CustomerKey on the other hand must be the same across all servers in a realm.

    Both Keys can be found at
    Note: The CustomerKey is called a “Game server registration key” in the MyRealm website There will only be one available per realm owner, and it cannot change (so the CustomerKey is tied to you as an individual). The ProviderKey is called a “Self hosted game servers registration key”. You can generate as many of those as you’d like, as well as remove them if you wish (You'll need one for a server though!).

  3. Within your Southnode Control Panel, click on your server's name, and then navigate to the "Variables" tool pictured below (Don't worry that it says Mordhau, it's the same process - we do that game too!):

  4. Within the Variables tool, please copy and paste your CustomerKey and ProviderKey into the respective text boxes. Here you can also fill out the Slots for your server (this cannot exceed the maximum you have ordered for your service), the Server Identity (Server Name), and whether or not Cheats are enabled.

  5. Hit save, return to the main menu and hit Start! If you wish to see the console readout of your server as it starts, please click on the Console tool to see that readout in real-time.

For a wealth of information, we have included a link to a Google doc that explains many of the functions of the server - you can visit that here! Finally for more information on Southnode, our Control Panel and much more please visit the rest of this Knowledgebase and have a dig around! From this point the majority of the changes to your server can be performed via the MyRealm website, including sharding and other settings regarding your world.

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