You have a server now, but you want to add a bit of spice! Through our control panel we allow for the addition and removal of Steam Community mods at the push of a few buttons (for those servers that support Steam Community mods). Here's how you do it! If you're looking to add mods manually (such as with Valheim or Minecraft), or via FTP, follow the steps outlined here in our more in-depth guide to FTP with Southnode!

A how-to guide. The server must be off to perform these steps.

Step 1 - to select and download the mod:
Head to the Steam Workshop for your game ( and find your desired mod. In the Address bar of your browser, you will have a URL with an id=xxxxxxx at the end. This is your mod's AppID, which we need for later:

In a new tab, open up the Southnode Control Panel, and login. Head to your server's configuration page by clicking on its name in the main menu, and click on the Workshop Mod Installer tool:

Next, we will want to click on the "Actions" dropdown box, and click "Add new workshop item":

Once here, you're greeted with a popup prompting you to enter the "workshop ID" for your mod - this is the id we got from the steam community page earlier:

Enter in the ID from the steam community page for the mod - as an example we have the ID for the Squad Steel Division mod:

Click the Save button to save your selection. The mod is now linked to your server, and is ready for download:

You will need to click the "Stop Server" button, and then "Install/Update All" button to download your mod. You can click the "View Status" button to see a live readout of your mod download as it happens. You can repeat the above steps many times to add in many mods at once.

Please note, you cannot download a mod whilst your server is online. Your server must be in the "Stopped" state to do this.


Step 2 - Start the server, and have fun!

NOTE: To update a mod without updating other mods within the list you have created, select the mod you wish to update via the dropdown, so that it is selected in the box, click the "Actions" and select "Update Selected Item":

You may also view the workshop item's page, which will open a new tab, or you may remove the currently selected workshop item from your server's list. In which case the files will be deleted permanently for that mod.

You may also from this dropdown import a mod list from a collection by placing the collection's ID into the popup screen that is provided. This will populate your mods list with the items contained within the collection at the time of import.

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