Adding/Removing Mods from your Server

You have a server now, but you want to add a bit of spice! Through our control panel we allow for the addition and removal of mods at the push of a few buttons. Here's how you do it.

A how-to guide. The server must be off to perform these steps.

Step 1 - to select the mod to download:
Go to the server management area for your server (You can get there by clicking your server's name).
In the `Tools` section near the top, click the "Variables" button.
In the text box type out the Mod AppID for the mod you want to load - you can find the Mod AppID at the end of the URL in the Steam Workshop - for example for SquadZ (ie. <> where the ID is at the end - ie. 1501154648 in this case)
Press the "Update" button to save your current mod selection.

Step 2 - to download the mod that was set in Step 1:
Go back one page to be back in the server management area for the server.
In the `Tools` section near the top, click the "Extras" button.
If the Server is currently running, you will need to stop it, after which you can select the "Download Mod" extra in the bottom box, and click the "Launch" button. This page will update automatically after everything is done. NOTE: Large mods may fail to download the first time - this is an issue with how Steam downloads mods to a server. If your mod does not show up in your server, you will notice an error message in your Update log. Just attempt it again until it works!

If you are wanting to add more mods to the server after finishing Step 2, begin at Step 1 again.

Step 3 - Start the server, and have fun! If your mod ever needs updating, just complete these steps once over again.

Make sure that you change the map rotation in the MapRotation.cfg (required for most mods) and the server name in the Server.cfg file if name change required.

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