The Control Panel we utilise here at Southnode to look after our servers has the functionality for adding additional people to your account, so they too can start, stop, edit or change your server alongside yourself. This functionality is customisable, whether you wish to have somebody only be able to start and stop a server, or wish for them to be able to edit config files, it's never been easier to look after your servers!

To add someone else to the control panel under you, head to your closest located panel and log in (ie. The AU Panel, the EUW panel, or the SEA panel).

Next, press the "Profile" menu item at the top, and on the next page select "Create sub-accounts to allow other people to manage the servers you have access to."

On this page at the bottom select "Create New Subuser", give them a name they'll like and click Create New Account. The panel will automatically generate a strong password for this new user.

Fill out their Email details along with selecting which servers this new User will be able to access, whilst also choosing via the check-boxes what permissions you wish for them to have. Note the "Edit command line and variables" and "File tool" options can be damaging in the wrong hands, so give those permissions out wisely!

Once you've completed this, press the "Update" button at the bottom of the page. This will send an email to the user containing the login details and the URL of the panel. 

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