5. Getting Files in and out of your Server

Sometimes, particularly if your server logs are large, or you're uploading a large mod, the control panel can be slow or not even work the way you intend it to - the control panel isn't made for these tasks, however we have a system in place to get those large or pesky files in and out of your Server! If you're looking to download a simple workshop mod or collection, find out how to do so in our other guide on Adding/Removing Mods from your server here!

We're going to get into the server's files via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Pretty simple!

Step 1: Download and install a program called FileZilla - this is a free FTP client we recommend and use ourselves. You can get this here - https://filezilla-project.org/download.php

Step 2: Open up FileZilla - in the top portion of the window, you will see 4 boxes:

Host: In here, type in the IP Address of your Server instance - for example
Username: Type in your Control Panel username - for example [email protected]
Password: Type in your Control Panel password
Port: Leave this blank

Step 3: Hit Quickconnect. There may be a popup box stating "Insecure FTP connection". This is normal - you're not dealing with bank statements here, config files and mods can be transferred unencrypted.

Step 4: Navigate to your server - you can find your server by looking at the port number. For example if your server is called "Squad - Linux - 7787" then you would find the folder of the same name (It follows the Friendly Name your server has in the panel).

Step 5: Do whatever you need to do! Please note that with servers like Valheim, you may need to change the transfer type to binary - if this applies to you, see below:

Step 5a: To change the Transfer Type in Filezilla, head to the "Transfer" menu at the top of the window, hover over "Transfer type" and select Binary, ASCII, or Auto.

Good luck!
As always, feel free to write to us via a ticket. We're happy to help!


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