Automagical! That's the word we came up with for when things work automatically, seamlessly, and magically. One of the great things about our new control panel is that it has the capability to take away some of those annoying administrative things from your plate, and just do them when required. Think automated restarts, updating the server when an update is available over Steam, sending out a message to Discord, all by itself!

How to...

Within every Game Server Instance, you can navigate to the scheduler via the Left-Hand menu under "Schedule":

Once here, you're greeted with a blank slate ready for you to craft out automation to your wildest content - please note as of time of writing, any times within the scheduler are in the UTC (GMT +0) timezone.

There are two parts to the scheduler - triggers and tasks.

Trigger: What will kick off this automation? Is it time based? Event based (like for an example, update on Steam is available)?

Task: What will happen once the trigger is true? Will you update the server? Turn it off? Send a Discord message? It's all up to you!!


Firstly, lets look at our trigger options - we have three possible choices - Event Trigger, Simple Time Interval and Advanced Time Interval.

Event Trigger: Triggers based off something happening, irrespective of time - such as an update being available on Steam for the Game Server, a backup occurring, or a user joins the server for the first time amongst others!

Simple Time Interval: This trigger will fire at a specific time during a certain interval (ie. once per week) - this time is in UTC (or GMT +0) regardless of your local time, or the server time.

Advanced Time Interval: Here we can give a much more complex set of dates, days of the week, or other options to allow for really customised schedules to be set up - this is similar to a Cron Job in Linux for the sysadmins among us!


Once you've selected what you want to trigger, and when, now we get to set tasks - you can set tasks in chronological order in via the Add Tasks button within the new trigger you created - below for example we've added an Event Trigger (when an update is available via SteamCMD), and made the server Update and Restart as well as post a message to Discord saying the server has been updated:

The possibilities are endless here with the amount of customisation you can make within the Scheduler. At Southnode we love to make your life easier - so get amongst the scheduler and tell us how easy your administrative life is now!

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