4. OWI x Patreon Whitelist Bot Setup

Patreon is a great way to get funding for your server through your community. By providing a top tier server, you can rest assured that some will find it appropriate to help fund your venture - we highly recommend Patreon for this exact purpose. However - there's an annoying little caveat to this - how do you get your Patreon supporters into your whitelist file?

You could do it by hand, which gets tedious, OR you could get your community to do it for you! With our OWI x Patreon Whitelist bot you can setup a way for your community to add themselves to your whitelist, and have it propogate over all or one server you have - even if it's not hosted by us (But then you're missing out on our awesome hosting *nudge nudge wink wink*). Here's how to setup this custom little number.

First, lets get ourselves a Discord Application!

  1. Purchase a bot through us - duhh
  2. Look through and perform the steps outlined in our other Knowledgebase Article on "How to setup a Discord Bot Application"
  3. The bot requires a specific Discord channel to use it's commands in - create one somewhere that only subscribed members with Patreon can see - we also recommend you give your users a rundown of the command.

Now we have that, and the bot has joined your server, lets setup the actual application within the control panel.

  1. Login to https://au-control.southnode.net (or your local region control panel) and find your bot - it should be called "OWI Whitelist Bot - " followed by a 4 digit number - click on the blue wrench button, and click "Files" to enter the File Tool.

  2. There are 2 files here - the Admins.cfg list (Where the whitelisters and admins go), and a configuration file called "config.json". Open up the "config.json" file by clicking on its name.

  3. Here you will see a few different options. The following are what we need to grab to make the bot work (place your configuration settings between the talking marks " " after the object, so for example "token": "123123123123123123123", would be how your token will look):
    1. "token": "", - within the second set of talking marks place your bot's token that you copied earlier - the whole thing!
    2. "guildName": "", - within the second set of talking marks give your server a name, so the bot knows where it is. This could be anything!
    3. "prefix" : "", within the second set of talking marks give your bot a prefix to identify a command is coming its way - we normally suggest a ! or ? or some kind of symbol.
    4. "whitelistcommand": "", - within the second set of talking marks give your bot a command to look out for when coupled with the prefix you gave it earlier. For example putting the command "whitelist" in this object will make the discord bot respond to the command "!whitelist" when followed by a SteamID64.
    5. "example": "", - place the bot owner's SteamID64 in here - we assume that you'll be writing out a little "how to" guide for your members, and will likely include your own ID in there. This will catch people who use copy and paste too literally!
    6. "whitelistchannelid": "", - this gives the bot a single channel where it will accept whitelisting commands - normally we suggest that this is the channel with the "how-to" guide in it. This requires having Discord developer mode on to get the ID for the channel. See here for how to turn this on for yourself.
    7. "invalidchannel": "" - we normally include a standardised "That command is restricted to the following channel - " to give your users feedback that they need to use the channel you listed before in the whitelistchannelid object.

  4. Once we've set that up we're all good to go. Start the bot, test it out, and now you have a whitelist automation bot!

Now how to get it onto your server? Easy as pie.

  1. Click on the name of your bot in our control panel - down the bottom, you will see a prompt that tells you your bot's IP and Port - copy that (This should look similar to - to test this, paste that IP:Port combo into your browser - you should get a little welcome page ala Southnode!

  2. Go to your Squad/Post Scriptum/Beyond the Wire server configuration files (Through our File Tool if you rent through us - great choice by the way!)

  3. Edit your RemoteAdminLists.cfg file, and paste the bot's IP:Port on a new line.

  4. Save, and either restart your server or wait for the map to change. Your list should now reload every map change! Congratulations, you're done!


We hope that's easy enough to understand. If you get stuck, feel free to jump on our Discord via this link!

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