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When it comes to 100 player servers, ready to be licensed with the best support in the business - look no further than Southnode. We're 100% Australian owned and operated, and are the only Australian Game Server Provider (GSP) that is a Partnered Server Host through OWI. Whether it's a custom server for mod hosting and competitive rollout training, or you're wanting that public server everyone is envious of, we've got you covered.

We've had years of experience looking after the biggest Squad communities in Australia, so your performance is guaranteed. We've done the hard yards to make sure that you as a customer recieve the highest tickrate at the lowest ping possible in the country. We've partnered with Offworld Industries - the developers and publishers of Squad - as a Partnered Server Host. This means we provide only the best Squad servers to our clients and we're dedicated to keeping our track record of being the best Squad server hosting company in the region in tip-top shape.
Squad is one of our Featured Games for a reason. We know, love and breathe Squad here at Southnode. Combining breakneck internet speeds hosted in the best Datacentres in the country, the most powerful hardware you can get your hands on and a knowledgable support team ready to take your community to the next level. You won't find anything low-spec here, because just like your gaming rig, you want the best, so why should your server be any different? The answer is it shouldn't! Powerful hardware, blazing fast uplinks to the internet, DDoS protection as standard, SSD or HDD options for your server, the list goes on!
Updates, Restarts, Editing of Configs are all able to be done over the web, distribute the load of administration across multiple persons with varying levels of control with our complimentary control panel, so from Sydney to Singapore - the power is in your hands. This is your server.

Please note you will need to apply for a server license here alongside an 80+ player server rental

License Ready 100-Player Servers

SSD/HDD Storage

Always-On DDoS Protection

Rated for Highest TPS

Personal Control Panel

Configuration Access

Developer Backed Support

GameJump (Upgrade) Ready

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Our Guarantees

What's the Southnode difference?

24/7 Expert Support

'By Gamers, For Gamers' is an old slogan, but it does mean something to someone - we host game servers for some of the biggest titles!

Fast & Reliable

Southnode utilises the latest and greatest in technology with our custom build dedicated servers backing up our network worldwide

Super Easy to Use

Control Panel software included for making sure that you are in control of your server and destiny!

99.5% Uptime Guaranteed

Nobody likes downtime - so we ensure that we have redundancy built into our business, because uptime is our greatest asset

DDoS Protection

Some people like to ruin the fun of others - Southnode likes to ruin their fun with top of the line DDoS protection methods!

Money-back Guarantee

Unhappy with your service? We have a money back guarantee if your service is not up to snuff, get a full refund

High Performance

High tickrate and low latency is our bread and butter - sporting the latest Intel and AMD CPU lineups to keep you on top of your game!

Worldwide Network

Headquartered in Sydney Australia, with additional PoPs in Singapore, North America, and expanding further each and every day

Not entirely sure what you need at this time? Contact our helpful support team by clicking on the button below. We're more than happy to discuss your options, including discussing non-listed locations!

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