Web Hosting - Bronze

$84.00 AUD
Annually + $10.00 Setup Fee

Sometimes you need just something to get your name out there. Start out on the right foot with a Bronze tier Web Hosting setup to get your foot in the door!

Web Hosting - Silver

$168.00 AUD
Annually + $10.00 Setup Fee

Needing something more than just the bare-bones basics? Try out a Silver tier Web Hosting solution and see the Southnode difference!

Web Hosting - Platinum

$336.00 AUD
Annually + $10.00 Setup Fee

Our highest rated platform tailored for your e-commerce needs. Get the same level of quality and speed that Southnode expects for our own service - perfect for your new store or high-performance website!

Included With Every Plan

  • cPanel Access from the get-go
  • Wordpress installation option
  • Ultra-fast hardware dedicated for Websites