How do we price Dedicated Servers?

Pricing out a server isn't exactly the easiest of things, however there are a few things that sets the bar when talking about pricing.

What makes Southnode price things the way they are?

Each dedicated server instance is different in some way - even though we use the top-of-the-line hardware, the fastest CPU we can find, and pair that with great uplinks to the internet - there's variables:

  • Location (Some regions are more expensive than others to house a server in)
  • CPU/RAM within the server (More RAM, more cost, duhh)
  • DDoS protection level
    and last but simply not least...
  • Data cost for the region (This is where a lot of our cost comes in)

With all that all bundled up in an enterprise-grade package with IPMI Out-Of-Band management, monitoring and all the good things, we bundle all this up into a neat little package for you - at just the right price.

Want to get one of these powerhouses for yourself?

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