Sometimes we don't want to browse an entire server browser to get into a server - what if I told you there was an effortless way to connect to your favourite server (Which should be a Southnode server, duh) in a single click? Better still, how about a link you can send to your friends so you can all get on the same server quickly?

As luck would have it, if it's a game that utilises Steam (or Steamworks) for its server browser, then we're already halfway there! All we need are a few things.

How to...

First, you'll need to know 2 different connection details for the server -

  • The server's IP address (written as, or something like
  • The server's Steam Query Port (normally this is something like 27015 or higher, but can vary with server type - some games do not have a Steam Query Port)

Once you know these two things, making a direct connect link for the game server is easy - replace the below parts of the link with the IP Address and Query Port of your server, and you're good to go (Remember to keep the : between the IP address and Query Port):


or for example:


The above example would connect you to the server on IP Address that has a query port of 27015. How easy was that?!

Still have questions, or issues getting a server of your own?

Click here to submit a ticket. We'll be happy to assist!


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