We'll admit it - Pokemon with guns does sound pretty cool (and as it turns out you can turn a penguin into a rocket launcher.... wow...). So lets imagine for a second you have a server - which you should totally check ours out here - how do you join it?

How to...

The server browser on release of Palworld leaves a bit to the imagination - the search bar doesn't really work all that well for Community servers (it only fetches 200 or so at a time, and searches that) - so how do you connect manually?

  1. Have your server online
  2. Note the IP address and Game Port for your Palworld server - for Southnode users, you can find this in the "Support and Updates" menu of your instance, close to the bottom, titled "Last Arguments" - the "-Multihome" value is your IP Address, and the "Port=" value is your Game Port. If you are self-hosted, this will be in your command line.
  3. In the main menu, select "Join Multiplayer Game"
  4. On the left side menu, select "Community Servers"
  5. At the bottom of the page, there is a direct connect area - place your server IP Address and the Game Port here.
    1. So if your IP Address was and your game port was 6666 you would type out
  6. Press the Connect button!

You should be all joined up now! To confirm you're on your server, once you enter the game after creating your character, hit the Escape button, and you should see your server details at the bottom right of the screen.

Still have questions?

Click here to submit a ticket. We'll be happy to assist!


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