We get it - we might not be your first choice for Palworld servers, but we're here to be your last - we won't take it too harshly (everyone makes mistakes). That being said, how do you transfer your world save from one host to another? Turns out it's relatively easy so long as you've got good Google-fu like we do, but for those that want a more streamlined way to do it - read below!

How to...

  1. Shut down your old server - the server must be off in order to not break your save whilst it's transferred;
  2. Via FTP (or however you access files on your old server) you will need to grab your save folder in its entirety. Navigate to (from the root of your server installation) /Pal/Saved/SaveGames/0 - this is where you'll find a folder with a bunch of letters and numbers - for example, "229BB3A0C9E3CC5D7B253D7CCF16C426";
  3. On your new Southnode instance - turn the server on, allow it to start, and then turn it back off again - this will generate the required files.;
  4. Via the File Manager tool of your Southnode instance, navigate to the Pal/Saved/Configs/LinuxServer folder, and locate the GameUserSettings.ini - right click on this file and click "Edit";
  5. On this screen, we will need to adjust the "DedicatedServerName=" value from whatever was randomly generated by the server starting, to your old save file name - in this example we had "DedicatedServerName=229BB3A0C9E3CC5D7B253D7CCF16C426" (without quotation marks);
  6. Save this file;
  7. Moving out of the File Manager, and into the Configuration > Palworld Server settings area, within the Additional Commandline Arguments area - add "-nosteam" without quotation marks;
  8. Go back to the Status page and Start the server!

Please note that in the case where you not able to set the -nosteam parameter, you will load into your world without the correct character association. In this case please let one of our helpful Support staff know via a ticket so we can assist you!

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