[SYDNEY] Intel Core i9 10900k

Starting from
$210.25 USD
Monthly + $16.43 Setup Fee

The Intel Core i9 10900k is the flagship of our Dedicated Server lineup, and is the hallmark of the Southnode Fleet of managed Game Servers. Tuned to be super fast with no corners cut - what more could you want?

[SYDNEY] Intel Core i9 9900k

Starting from
$200.00 USD
Monthly + $16.43 Setup Fee

Where it all began - the 9900k line was the first of Southnode's High-Powered server fleet. Cost effective and full of beans!

Included With Every Plan

  • DDoS Protection included
  • Out-Of-Band Access included
  • Gigabit Uplinks as standard
  • Cost-efficient Servers
  • Southnode Standard Gameserver
  • 4-48hr setup time (As available)