Path of Titans implements a secure way of downloading its server files from the internet - this security is done by way of an Auth Token, which is linked to and generated by a user account that owns Path of Titans itself. The token is free to generate, but it is a requirement that a server has the Auth Token set correctly in the server configuration before an attempt to download, install or update is made.

How to fix...

First thing is first - you'll need to have generated an Auth Token from the Alderon Games website - this token is linked with your user account, so keep it safe. You can generate said Auth Token here:

  1. Login to your Path of Titans Server instance - this is your own mini control panel server and is used to administrate your server. Your login details were provided during the order process, so check your emails! The link to this control panel is located in your client area when you click on your Path of Titans server product, under the Application URL.
  2. Once logged in, go to the Configuration > POT Server Settings menu
  3. At the top left of the screen, there is an Auth Token text box - copy and paste the Auth Token you generated earlier into this box.

That's it. Now, whenever you go to update your server or run it at all, it is now associated with your account - so bear that in mind if the server ever trades hands!

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