Hearth and Home, the most anticipated update for Valheim since the first few hotfixes drops on the 16th of September 2021.

You're here because you've either played for a while and are looking forward to new content, or you're brand new to Valheim and you want to know how to get in on the action! So, we've compiled a bunch of frequently asked questions about the release of Hearth and Home, and how it relates to both Southnode clients (which if you're not hosting your Valheim server through us, here's a link to fix that!) and server hosts in general.

How do I get and enable Hearth and Home?

Once the update is released, you simply need to update your server - that's it. Nothing more is required for you to have Hearth and Home on your world. For Southnode clients this is done via the update tool, otherwise if you're self hosting, or through another provider (Shame on you) you'll need to consult another guide on how to do this specifically.

Do I need to restart/wipe my world? Can I keep my current save?

You do NOT need to restart your world if you do not wish to. The developers recommend starting a new save/world for Hearth and Home, however it's not a requirement. We recommend that everyone backs up their save and world before updating to Hearth and Home just in case something goes awry with the update (and you spent SO LONG on your base. It would be a shame to lose it). Southnode customers can find guides on how to perform a backup here within our Knowledgebase by clicking this link here!

Can I go back to my other world that isn't on Hearth and Home after playing an updated server?

Once a world or a character has been played using Hearth & Home, it will no longer work with older versions of the game. So if you want to continue playing your character on an old save that isn't H&H, don't do it!

Will my mods work?

If you’re playing with mods, they will most likely not work with Hearth & Home right away. To make sure you’re actually able to play when the update goes live, it’s a good idea to (temporarily) remove your mods completely. If you get a Unity error while trying to launch the game, you have likely not removed all relevant mods.

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