Congratulations on your new Valheim Server!


You're no doubt familiar with the tales of Valhalla and the like, and you're about to step into that mythos! Time to configure your server for your own needs!

Southnode Valheim servers are configured mostly via the Configuration menu, which you can see arrowed to below in the example:


The Valheim - General Settings contains things such as your Server Name, World Name (important for world save filenames) amongst other general "server-y" settings. Basic, Player and Server Settings for Valheim Plus (including enabling the modpack itself) can be found in their respective menus.

Now we're not here to argue with you as to what to call your server, so we give you some defaults and allow you to change this at your leisure. Within the text boxes of each variable, change these to whatever you wish. NOTE: Valheim seems to have an issue where making the password, world save name or server name similar gives the server a hard time - it wont boot. We recommend making each of these unique, that being the Server Name (Which is the name of your server on the server list), World Name (Which is the unique world ID for your instance, which if you change will change the world to a new one, thereby starting a new save), and password (which is pretty self explanatory). For example, in the first box I could make my server The World of Lightning, with the save name GodofThunder, and the password crashboom. (note that your password needs to be more than 5 characters)

The above would be perfect, plus who doesn't love a bit of wordplay? Once you've made your changes, make sure you stop and start the server for the changes to take effect with it's fresh new look!


Please feel free to reach out to us via a ticket in our client area if you have any concerns or issues - we're here to help!

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