Satisfactory Dedicated Server FAQ

How do I...

Get players to join my server?

Players join via the Server Manager tab. You will need to give them the IP address of your Server and the Server Query Port (along with any password for the server you have set).

Set a password for my server?

To set a password for players (not your admin password) when connected to your server via Server Manager ingame, click the Server Settings menu tab and click Change Password next to "Player password protection".

Set the player count higher than 4?

This is not officially supported by the developers or Southnode, however it is doable. First, turn off your server, then within the Game.ini (located in the /FactoryGame/Saved/Config/<OS>Server folder) you will need to add the following below whatever is already in the file (for Southnode clients you can access this folder by using the File tool on our control panel, and navigating to the same folder):


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