Running a dedicated server is a tedious task at best - so being able to set a password on your server to make sure that you have control over who enters it and messes with your factory is vitally important, Pioneer. In this article we will elaborate on how to set this player password for your server - effectively making it a private server, to control who comes in and terraforms the world with you!

How to...

As with most game servers, Satisfactory comes with a player password feature built in, allowing you to control who joins your world.

First, some prerequisites - you will need to have done the following before setting a password:

Once you have the prerequisite tasks out of the way, we can set a general player password for the server:

  1. In-Game, go to the Server Manager menu, and double-click on your server to enter the configuration menu.
  2. Go to the "Server Settings" tab
  3. In the menu presented to you, click on the "Change password" button next to "Player password protection".
  4. In the popup menu presented to you, you may enter in a password that players are required to enter to join your server - you can also leave this blank to remove any password previously set. (Leaving the password blank will allow anyone to join without a password) You will need to enter in this password twice to confirm you have spelled it correctly, and to avoid an awkward conversation when you spelled it wrong not once, but twice...
  5. Click on the "Confirm" button once you have entered in the new password

Once you hit "Confirm" in the last step, your server will now be protected by a password, effectively making it private, and requiring players to enter in this password prior to connecting.

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