Satisfactory has two versions of the game (and dedicated server) that are kept separate from each other, and include different features - the "mainline" version called "Early Access" - which is the more stable of the two versions, and the "bleeding edge" version called "Experimental". New features, maps and biomes will first be put into Experimental before eventually making their way to Early Access once all the bugs are gone - but you're a Pioneer, you aren't afraid of bugs, and you like shiny new toys. The problem can be that sometimes the dedicated server doesn't like updating between the 2 release streams.

How to...

This is an annoying issue that can crop up from time to time, however the solution is relatively simple if you're using SteamCMD to download and update the dedicated server. This guide assumes that you have already specified the version that you are looking to download - that being Early Access or Experimental - inside your update script (or for Southnode customers, going to Configuration > SteamCMD and Updates and selecting the Release Stream you want).

  1. Turn off your server completely, ensuring that the server is indeed off (either via Task Manager for Windows, or using "ps aux | grep Factory" for Linux. Southnode customers just need to hit the "Stop" button for their server.)
  2. Navigate to the install directory of your server (or if you are a Southnode customer, use the "File Manager" menu inside your instance)
  3. Navigate to the "steamapps" folder located in the install directory - there you will find an "appmanifest_1690800.acf" file. Delete this.

  4. Attempt to update again. This should redo the app manifest from the download, and ensure that the correct version is being applied.

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