First Time Setup of your Satisfactory Dedicated Server

So, you're the new Pioneer around here? I'm impressed! For now...

Welcome to the world of Satisfactory - we're sure you'll have an efficient time. But how do we setup your new server? I'm glad you asked! If you don't have a server, and would like someone to host it 24/7 for you in world-class datacentres with great internet connectivity and all setup in a few clicks, choose us! Head to this link here and get yourself a slice of autonomous efficiency of your own!

Once you have your server, here's the guide to set it up below - please note that this is EXTREMELY EXPERIMENTAL - Southnode assumes the game and server will crash - you should too:

Server Setup

  1. Note down your server's Query Port. If you're installing at home, this is 15777 (which is the default) however if you're with a provider like Southnode or set your own, this could be different.

  2. Load up Satisfactory Experimental from your Epic Games library (Experimental is the only official Dedicated Server instance available at the moment - so you need to use the Experimental build)
  3. Once you're into the main menu (Agree and Proceed to the notice), you'll need to go to the Server Manager menu item on the left.
  4. Click on the + Add Server button at the bottom of the screen, add in the IP Address of the Server - for example - and add in the Server Query Port you noted earlier (for Southnode Customers these are located in the control panel when you click on your server's name. Hit the Confirm button once you're done.
  5. Once you've connected (Hit ok or dismiss on any errors that pop up, and hit Retry if you can't connect the first time) the server will prompt you that it is unclaimed - this is where you establish yourself as the owner and administrator. Enter in a server name in the box, and hit Confirm.
  6. Set an administration password for the server (note this is NOT the server's password - this is just the password to create new worlds and change the server parameters). Enter a password (Don't forget this!!!) and repeat, then hit Confirm.

  7. Once the session has been made, click the Create Game menu tab, choose a starting area, enter a Session Name at the bottom, select the Join checkbox, and click Create Game.

That's it! You're done, and you now have your very own world!

When players connect to you, make sure to let them know your IP and Server Query Port for them to join to you!

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