The more the merrier - right? Sometimes you just want to have more (or less) people in the party, and Satisfactory allows you to grow (or shrink) the Ficsit family of Pioneers at your disposal (albeit it's not entirely supported officially). In this article we will explain how to do exactly this.

How to...

Setting the player count for your server is actually quite simple - though we note that increasing the player count above the vanilla server standard of 4 is not supported by the developers. That being said, if your server host or server hardware can handle it (Like Southnode can...), then read below!

  1. Turn off your server! This is important as we're altering game config files here. Make sure the server is not up during these changes.
  2. In File Explorer (or Southnode's File Manager if you're one of our customers), navigate to the /FactoryGame/Saved/Config/<Linux or Windows>Server folder.
  3. Open the Game.ini file, and below everything else that is included in this file, you need to insert the following lines, where X is the maximum amount of players you want to allow in your server at any one time:

  4. Save the file.

Once you've completed the last step, you can turn your server on and have up to as many players as you entered into that MaxPlayers line - great stuff!

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