Sometimes you really don't want someone on your server - and sometimes you never want them to come back. Like many multiplayer game servers, Squad allows you to remove someone from the server via a Kick, or if you don't want them to be able to come back, a Ban.

How to...

There are a couple of ways to instantiate a ban on a Dedicated Server:

  • The use of the "AdminBan <NameOrSteamId> <BanLength> <BanReason>" console command,
  • Adding someone manually to the Bans.cfg config file within the ServerConfig folder.

Both of the above methods results in a player being placed into the Bans.cfg config file. The ban will remain in place as long as the BanLength is in effect. Within the Bans.cfg file you will see the following as an example:

(the line you will see) N/A Banned:76561198353932823:1650816509 //Automatic Teamkill Kick

(as a breakdown, this is) <Name> Banned:<SteamID64>:<Unix Timestamp of when the Ban Expires> //<BanReason>

The ban will remain in place until it expires, however the line will not be deleted when the ban expires. Removing a line from this file manually will result in the Ban being lifted upon next map change or server restart, whichever is first.

This file is also available in Game Server instances - it is located in the File Manager, under SquadGame/ServerConfig/Bans.cfg

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