The Message of the Day (or MOTD if you like a good acronym) is the message box that is presented in the Team Select and Squad/Loadout Select screen when in a server for Squad. This is often used to have a set of rules displayed, thank a player for joining the server, or just to provide relevant information for the day (for example, if the server is coming down for maintenance at a certain time, or the names of administrators, or a Discord server link).

How to...

Modifying the MOTD for a server is relatively simple. It is as simple as modifying the file MOTD.cfg within the SquadGame/ServerConfig folder for your server. Changes to the MOTD.cfg file are not instant, and will require a server restart to take effect.

The MOTD.cfg supports a few different "special" formatting settings that are derived from the HTML programming language - primarily anchor text (or <a>)

When typing normally into the MOTD.cfg without any formatting, this wording will appear as white text, and will print exactly what you tell it to.


When the <a> flag is used for a line, for example, the below text would be presented as yellow instead of white:

<a>Yellow Text</a>


If you wish to insert a link into the MOTD (such as for a website or discord link) you can use the following to make a clickable link. For example:

<a href="">Click here to go to Southnode!</a>

The above would present the words "Click here to go to Southnode!" as a clickable link on the MOTD, that goes to


The MOTD is scrollable but does have a horizontal character limit. The following is noted:

  • The font in game is not monospaced, making this more than just a matter of counting straight characters. At best guess, the maximum characters in a line should be between 60-65 characters long.

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