Teamwork makes the dream work, right? Having a solid and trustworthy admin team is essential to running a good and well-respected Squad server that players come back to day after day. Choosing people to place that trust in is hard, but implementing them into the server is easy.

How to...

Firstly, before we get into it, we'll need to get a few things:

  • The SteamID64 of the player you're looking to add as an admin/moderator (Which they can find in the Steam Application by going to their Account Details, and underneath the title "Xyz's Account" their SteamID64 will be there)
  • A server (obviously)

Once you have the prerequisites out of the way, you can add a new admin to the server:

  1. Navigate to your server installation folder (or the File Manager if you are a Southnode customer)

  2. Navigate to the SquadGame/ServerConfig folders, and edit the Admins.cfg file

  3. Within this file, on a new line (preferably at the bottom, below the groups) you will place the following lines:
    Admin=<SteamID64 of the user>:<Name of the group they are to be in, ie. Admins>
    So for example you might have "Admin=76561191171234567:Admins" as a new line
  4. Save the file.
  5. This new admin won't kick in immediately - it requires a few things to have happened. Either the server restarts or the map changes, and then the player needs to leave the server if they were in it already, and rejoin to get their new permissions.

Note: If you want to be able to document who's who, you can add // to the end of the line and place a note after it - // means comment, and everything after that on the same line will not be read by the server - so you might have the following line as an example:

Admin=76561191171234567:Admins // Bob the Admin

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