Map Voting was introduced into Post Scriptum in order to give the players control over their gameplay - thankfully, in Post Scriptum this was implemented successfully, and it is relatively easy to insitute into your server!

How to...

First things first - you need to have a running server. We highly recommend our own line of instanced Game Servers (we're partnered with Offworld Industries, the developer and publisher of Post Scriptum amongst other games).

To enable Map Voting on a Southnode server, this is incredibly easy. Within the Configuration > Server Config area of your control panel, enable Map Voting via the menu:

(If you're not a Southnode customer) Within the Server.cfg file (located in the PostScriptum/ServerConfig folder of your server) - you will need to add the following line:


Once this is saved, your map voting will be enabled upon next restart of your server. Additionally, you will need to create a file in the PostScriptum/ServerConfig folder called "MapVoting.cfg" (For Southnode Servers - you will need to SFTP in and drop in a MapVoting.cfg that is preconfigured to start). This file will contain all the maps that a player can vote for at the end of the current game. A example MapVoting.cfg file is shown below:

Arnhem Offensive=Arnhem Offensive 01,Arnhem Offensive 02,Arnhem Offensive 03
Best Offensive=Best Offensive 01,Best Offensive 02,Best Offensive 04
Carentan Offensive=Carentan Offensive 01,Carentan Offensive 02,Carentan Offensive 03
Dinant Offensive=Dinant Offensive 01,Dinant Offensive 02,Dinant Offensive 03
Doorwerth Offensive=Doorwerth Offensive 01,Doorwerth Offensive 02,Doorwerth Offensive 03,Doorwerth Offensive 04,Doorwerth Offensive 05,Doorwerth Offensive 06,Doorwerth Offensive 07
Driel Offensive=Driel Offensive 01,Driel Offensive 02,Driel Offensive 03,Driel Offensive 04,Driel Offensive 05,Driel Offensive 06,Driel Offensive 07,Driel Offensive 08
Foy Offensive=Foy Offensive 01,Foy Offensive 02,Foy Offensive 03,Foy Offensive 04,Foy Offensive 05,Foy Offensive 06
Grave Offensive=Grave Offensive 01,Grave Offensive 02,Grave Offensive 03
Haguenau Offensive=Haguenau Offensive 01,Haguenau Offensive 02,Haguenau Offensive 03,Haguenau Offensive 04,Haguenau Offensive 05,Haguenau Offensive 06,Haguenau Offensive 07,Haguenau Offensive 08,Haguenau Offensive 09,Haguenau Offensive 10
Heelsum Offensive=Heelsum Offensive 01,Heelsum Offensive 02,Heelsum Offensive 03,Heelsum Offensive 04,Heelsum Offensive 05,Heelsum Offensive 06,Heelsum Offensive 07
Maginot Offensive=Maginot Offensive 01,Maginot Offensive 03,Maginot Offensive 04,Maginot Offensive 05,Maginot Offensive 06,Maginot Offensive 07
Oosterbeek Offensive=Oosterbeek Offensive 01,Oosterbeek Offensive 02,Oosterbeek Offensive 03,Oosterbeek Offensive 04,Oosterbeek Offensive 05,Oosterbeek Offensive 06,Oosterbeek Offensive 07
St Mere Eglise Offensive=St Mere Eglise Offensive 01
Stonne Offensive=Stonne Offensive 01,Stonne Offensive 02,Stonne Offensive 03
Utah Beach Offensive=Utah Beach Offensive 01,Utah Beach Offensive 02,Utah Beach Offensive 03
Veghel Offensive=Veghel Offensive 01,Veghel Offensive 02,Veghel Offensive 03,Veghel Offensive 04,Veghel Offensive 05
Velmolen Offensive=Velmolen Offensive 01,Velmolen Offensive 02,Velmolen Offensive 03,Velmolen Offensive 04

Carentan Invasion=Carentan Invasion 01
St Mere Eglise Invasion=St Mere Eglise Invasion 01,St Mere Eglise Invasion 02
Utah Beach Invasion=Utah Beach Invasion 01,Utah Beach Invasion 02

Arnhem RAAS=Arnhem RAAS UK
Carentan RAAS=Carentan RAAS US
Dinant RAAS=Dinant RAAS
Doorwerth RAAS=Doorwerth RAAS UK
Driel RAAS=Driel RAAS UK 01,Driel RAAS UK 02
Foy RAAS=Foy RAAS 01
Grave RAAS=Grave RAAS US
Haguenau RAAS=Haguenau RAAS 01
Heelsum RAAS=Heelsum RAAS UK
Maginot RAAS=Maginot RAAS
Oosterbeek RAAS=Oosterbeek RAAS UK,Oosterbeek RAAS US
St Mere Eglise RAAS=St Mere Eglise RAAS US
Stonne RAAS=Stonne RAAS
Utah Beach RAAS=Utah Beach RAAS
Veghel RAAS=Veghel RAAS US,Veghel RAAS UK
Velmolen RAAS=Velmolen RAAS US,Velmolen RAAS UK
ProvingGround RAAS=ProvingGround RAAS 1940,ProvingGround RAAS 1944

Doorwerth Armoured=Doorwerth Armoured 1944,Doorwerth Armoured 1944 Light
Driel Armoured=Driel Armoured 1940,Driel Armoured 1944,Driel Armoured 1944 Light
Foy Armoured=Foy Armoured 1944
Oosterbeek Armoured=Oosterbeek Armoured 1944,Oosterbeek Armoured 1944 Light
St Mere Eglise Armoured=St Mere Eglise Armoured 1944,St Mere Eglise Armoured 1944 Light
Stonne Armoured=Stonne Armoured 1940,Stonne Armoured 1944,Stonne Armoured 1944 Light
Utah Beach Armoured=Utah Beach Armoured 1944,Utah Beach Armoured 1944 Light
Veghel Armoured=Veghel Armoured 1944,Veghel Armoured 1944 Light
Velmolen Armoured=Velmolen Armoured 1940,Velmolen Armoured 1944,Velmolen Armoured 1940 Light
ProvingGround Armoured=ProvingGround Armoured 1940,ProvingGround Armoured 1944,ProvingGround Armoured 1944 Light

Carentan Skirmish=Carentan Skirmish
Dinant Skirmish=Dinant Skirmish
Doorwerth Skirmish=Doorwerth Skirmish
Grave Skirmish=Grave Skirmish
Heelsum Skirmish=Heelsum Skirmish
Stonne Skirmish=Stonne Skirmish
Veghel Skirmish=Veghel Skirmish

Heelsum Supremacy=Heelsum Supremacy 1944
Haguenau Supremacy=Haguenau Supremacy 1944
Driel Supremacy=Driel Supremacy 1944
Doorwerth Supremacy=Doorwerth Supremacy 1944
Foy Supremacy=Foy Supremacy 1944
Oosterbeek Supremacy=Oosterbeek Supremacy 1944
St Mere Eglise Supremacy=St Mere Eglise Supremacy 1944
Utah Beach=Utah Beach Supremacy 1944
Veghel Supremacy=Veghel Supremacy 1944
Carentan Supremacy=Carentan Supremacy 1944
Maginot Supremacy=Maginot Supremacy 1940, Maginot Supremacy 1944
ProvingGround Supremacy=ProvingGround Supremacy 1940,ProvingGround Supremacy 1944
Stonne Supremacy=Stonne Supremacy 1940
Velmolen Supremacy=Velmolen Supremacy 1944


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