ARMA3 has been bolstered over the years by a rich modding scene. The assets and maps created for ARMA3 players and Zeuses to be able to play fresh content on the regular are amazing to behold - we have a long history of supporting some of the bigger ARMA3 servers in the world - see how we make it easy for you below!

How to...

The “Steam workshop items” option under the SteamCMD and Updates menu is used to download and update mods on the server. Here, you can specify the mods to be downloaded and updated by adding its mod ID, such as 2912941775. Each mod ID has to be added separately, and the order in which they are placed doesn’t matter for this. The mods will be downloaded and updated whenever the server is updated.

The mod files are downloaded to the directory steamapps/workshop/content/107410, in separate directories. From here, we can stipulate which mods are loaded to the server.

To load mods, they need to be specified either under “Load Mods” or “Load Server Mods” in the Arma Server Settings menu, depending on the mod type (ie whether they need to be used on the client as well, or only on the server). We've drawn an orange outline around these items:

The mod lists must be separated by semi-colons. Make sure your mod lists are just one line - no line breaks or carriage returns.

Your Game Server Instance automatically creates symlinks in the server base directory to the mod directories downloaded via SteamCMD and Updates. So you only have to specify the mod IDs to load them, such as 450814997;583496184;620019431;1472073760;583544987;2912941775 (in so making it easier, and "tricking" your game server into thinking the mods are in the root of the server install - neat huh?)

Note that, for some mods, order of loading is important, so bear this in mind for the Load Mods and Load Server Mods sections. Additionally, if you followed our guide on enabling the Creators DLC, you can put the following items into Load Mods in order to start those particular DLC's:

DLC Code
Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany gm
S.O.G. Prairie Fire vn
CSLA Iron Curtain csla
Western Sahara ws
Spearhead 1944 spe

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